Sustainability, the most valuable efficiency

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainability is not sacrifices, but it is a challenge that involves attention towards nature, society, and economic values.

Nowadays, more and more market researches demostrate that being sustainable means:

  • • To widen the market sharing
  • • To increase the perceived value of goods and servicie, resulting in higher selling prices
  • • To satisfy the market demand for sustainable products and services

Consumers are getting more informed about sustainability. Greenwashing time is over, and to make the best out of your sustainability actions a company needs to:

  • • Measure sustainability performances in a transparent, credible, acknowledged way
  • • Communicate properly its performance and its committements toward sustainability improvement.

Some of the services offered by Cloros:

  • • Carbon and Water Footprint
  • • CO2 offsetting projects
  • • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • • Green Marketing


Focus on CO2 offsetting projects.

A carbon credit is a financial instrument that represents a tonne of or CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent gases) removed or reduced from the atmosphere from an emission reduction project, which can be used, by governments, industry or private individuals to offset damaging carbon emissions that they are generating. Companies, organizations and individuals can voluntarily buy Carbon Credits to enhance their sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global climate change mitigation.

Cloros, together with its partner Carbonsink, finance and develop carbon offsetting projects.

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